Darwin’s Daddy’s List of Objections to His Voyage on the Beagle

(1) Disreputable to my character as a Clergyman hereafter.
(2) A wild scheme.
(3) That they must have offered to many others before me, the place of Naturalist.
(4) And from its not being accepted there must be some serious objection to the vessel or expedition.
(5) That I should never settle down to a steady life hereafter.
(6) That my accommodations would be most uncomfortable.
(7) That you should consider it as again changing my profession.
(8) That it would be a useless undertaking.


1 Disreputable to the gray mystery of the
long silence hereafter. 2 An easy hammer
and drill. 3 That sun must have offered
to the earthworks before man things of a Naturalist.

4 The world must be some busted objection
to square. 5 That I should never settle
down to the way hereafter. What else?
Movement. 8 That my mind would be home.

Charles Darwin


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