The Zombie Contagion

Thank you for participating in the Zombie Poetry Project and for helping us perfect our virus! Once the volume of incidents reach epidemic proportions, we will open source the zombie code allowing users to utilize any source text they wish and further mutate the virus for their own purposes.

(This page will be regularly curated. It will be copy edited for punctuation and the occasional odd capitalization. Selected zombie poems will remain archived on the site.)

2018-07-04 15:49:59.    Trump Tweets as Zombie Poems: Doing Great!

Happy Fourth of July..Our Country is doing GREAT!.

Hard bright of July. The glass dream
is flashing. GREAT!

2018-07-03 21:16:22.    Trump Tweets as Zombie Poems: My Decision!

I interviewed 4 very impressive people yesterday. On Monday I will be announcing my decision for Justice of the United States Supreme Court!

I interviewed small piles yesterday.
On Monday I will be keeping tyranny
for the cats of the United States
Supreme Court!

2018-06-26 17:02:10.    Trump Tweets as Zombie Poems: Play Fair!

….We are getting other countries to reduce and eliminate tariffs and trade barriers that have been unfairly used for years against our farmers, workers and companies. We are opening up closed markets and expanding our footprint. They must play fair or they will pay tariffs!


…We are standing walls to reduce
and eliminate your friend. We are revving
up closed markets and proclaiming a zombie
life. Empire must play fair or innocence will pay

with a guillotine!

2018-06-16 18:09:44.    Zombie Title

Friends, I am checking out for a while. For some time, I have felt I have reached a real end with my own writing. For better or worse, I feel like I have done what I can do and am eager to try a quieter pursuit.

Friends I am sleeping out for sunlight.
For some time I have felt I have reached

a real end with hunger. For better or small I feel
like I have done what sorrow can do and am eager

to try fantasies for which you had trained.

2018-06-07 14:37:09.    Trump Tweets as Zombie Poems: Beyond the Pale

…This is a level of criminality beyond the pale. This is such a grave abuse of power and authority, it’s like nothing else we’ve seen in our history. This makes the Nixon Watergate burglary look like keystone cop stuff

…This is the long and open road of criminality.
Beyond a small graveyard beckons. This is shifty.
A grave abuse of this road when stones were younger.
It’s like no one we’ve seen in grief. This makes the fair countryside

look like the cost

2018-05-20 21:10:36.    Trump Tweets as Zombie Poems: Oh’ Great!

The Witch Hunt finds no Collusion with Russia — so now they’re looking at the rest of the World. Oh’ great!

The man finds our sign — that square of blue that
pales the sky with Russia. Rarely now they’re

looking at this foot stone of the World.
Oh’ quiet!

2018-05-18 15:35:19.    Trump Tweets as Zombie Poems: All Time Biggest

Reports are there was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted, for political purposes, into my campaign for president. It took place very early on, and long before the phony Russia Hoax became a “hot” Fake News story. If true – all time biggest political scandal!

Reports are: there was just the light. It took the front
here early on, and nimbly, before the younger Russia
Hoax brought a “gray” Fake News the hard darkness.
If true – Our quickness is a song!

2018-05-14 16:02:47.    brekker

We are all someone’s monster.

Nothings are asleep; graveyard

2018-05-14 16:01:25.    Untitled

This kiss
in a dream
has flown away
I stand
amid the shore
I weep,
while i can not
all that we see

Sheets in their stories have flown.
Now I stand amid the shore. I weep
while I cannot save all that we see.

2018-05-14 16:01:11.    The FitnessGram Pacer Test

The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal.

The FitnessGram ™ Pacer Test is a patrol.
Not. The metal will begin in 30 seconds.
Long blues. Its shiny finger starts
back but gets slow each minute after you hear

another town.

2018-05-14 15:59:14.    Plus P

Linear sp (s+p)
Trigonal planar sp2 (s+p+p
Tetrahedral sp3 (s+p+p+p)
Square planar dsp2 (d+s+p+p)
Trigonal bipyramidal dsp3 (d+s+p+p+p)
Octahedral d2sp3 (d+d+s+p+p+p)

A hand ( Bottles+ p ) trigonal worth sp2 ( s+
the light+ p safe sp3 ( your path+ pixel+ p+ p)
golden younger dsp2 ( Iron+ African-American news
What’s easy+ p ) trigonal bipyramidal dsp3
( Front+ the day+ p+ their flocks+ the one door
that grates and swings ) octahedral d2sp3
( d+ Family+ p+ The dust+ p )

2018-05-14 15:58:39.    big ones.

the water was white as a speedboat
the old man knew he was dead
the shark lay quietly
the old man could hear
the old man watched him
he did not look like the FISH anymore
I have seen BIG ONES.

Our quickness had –white as a speedboat–
pleased — then vestige did. He was
dead, the shark seemed, quietly. The hot man

could hear the easy man was him. He did
back look like the story low. I have
seen a book dream.

2018-05-14 15:57:36.    FOUND The Stranger

I had no ambition,
I had “shown insensitivity.”
She didn’t say anything so I left it there.

Fear made the light that failed the place.
I faced “shown your patty.” Lunch did

far say “Night!” so I had child there.

2018-05-14 15:56:44.    2001

The great dinosaurs had long since become creatures of pure energy

His foot stone had long since become
creatures of small energy

2018-05-10 18:33:28.    Infinity War

Infinity War
Spider Man is last to die
Whoops, Spoiler Alert


A guilty house is last to die. This road–
Spoiler Alert

2018-05-10 18:33:00.    Tired Photographer

But music breaks like day
Winding and tired and loud
I am just tired.

But the river, like day, showing and arbitrary and loud. I am so tired.

2018-05-10 18:32:26.    Spring

Mellifluous chirps
Buds blooms blossoming each day
Spring has come again

Fair blues.

2018-05-10 18:32:05.    Haiku

Grass follows my path
Throughout the day
Leading my steps

Your brain follows roofs and gins
throughout the day, leaving your resolve.

2018-05-10 18:31:48.    Self Aware Haiku

Where does one begin
Unable to start this work
Wow somehow I’m done

Where does one begin, unable to start–
A whole line.

2018-05-10 18:31:24.    Hour 6

Leap of faith.

Sharks all around.

Amazement of the post office door.
Blackened overalls all straight.

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